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When you require regular house cleaning in Melbourne and Adelaide, Your Cleaner will meet or exceed every expectation. Our job is not complete until 100% satisfaction is achieved, a testament to our exemplary house cleaning service and dedication to clients.


For more detail, please review the cleaning schedule:

Regular Cleaning Tasks

  • With our house cleaning services, all carpeted areas are cleaned with a “power head turbo” vacuum attachment, and all hardwood floors are both vacuumed and mopped during each visit
  • A thorough dusting of every room is given by our house cleaner, including spider webs, ledges, door frames, furniture, televisions, picture frames, fireplaces and more
  • The kitchen receives top priority, including stove-top, sink, oven face (inside is additional charge), range hood (filters are extra), marks off all appliances including fridge, dishwasher, microwave etc. along with cleaning tables, benches, cupboard doors and shelves
  • Bathrooms are handled with scrutiny, including a thorough scrubbing of all shower tiles and floor, mold removal if required, soap scum removed, glass screen washing, vanity detail, which includes taps, sink, cupboard doors and top. Toilets are thoroughly scrubbed inside and out. Mirrors are cleaned to perfection, and floors are both vacuumed and mopped during every visit.

Want to know the best part of all? This is only a brief description of our regular domestic cleaning services. Every house cleaner on our team views each home as a “work of art”, and settles for nothing short of spectacular upon finishing.


If you’ve considered hard working, expertly skilled cleaners for your home or office, make the right decision and contact us immediately on 1300 734 534.

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Regular Service Cleaning Schedule


Every visit
• Cobwebs – check all rooms
• Window sills (all levels)
• Skirting Boards
• Door frames (architraves)
• Dust all furniture unless requested otherwise
• Don’t spray fish tanks unless written in notes
• Dust chairs, including rails
• Vacuum lounges as required unless more often requested
• Damp wipe furniture where you can and time permits
• Furniture polish, leather treatments, etc. must be supplied by customer and you
may charge extra as necessary.
**We Don’t go inside of any cupboards with doors, including display cabinets with
glass doors unless requested**
• Bookshelves – dust fronts only if books in place, dust under trinkets (and over as
time permits)
• Coffee tables/side tables damp wipe
• Glass tops spray with glass cleaner
• Light fittings
• Curtain rails
• Top of kitchen cupboards
• Dusting panelled doors
• Dusting dining chair rungs
Vacuuming & Mopping
Power head vacuum
• all carpets/rugs
• including behind doors
• under furniture
• move lounges (unless stated not to in notes)
• under beds where you can reach.
Vacuum all hard floors
• bathrooms
• living areas
• laundry
• Toilet area.
• Under edge of rugs
• we don’t vacuum shower recesses; hand scrub clean and wipe out with dry tea
Kitchens require a lot of detail as they are often the most used part of the home:
Order of tasks for kitchen:
• Range hood (stainless steel cleaner if appropriate)
• High cupboard doors/handles
• Stove top detail (stainless steel cleaner if appropriate)
• Splash back
• Detail sink – toothbrush around taps, plugs and where inset. Thorough clean so
no bits inside sink at all +
• Breakfast bar – lift under all items unless heavy
• Benches – lift under all items unless heavy (ie coffee machine)
• Wipe over fridge where you can – usually handle is all that can be reached and
dust top of fridge where appropriate.
• Wipe over kick plates
• Clean gaps between cupboards and fridge if you can reach
Light fittings – 3 monthly
Top of kitchen cupboards – 3 monthly
Bathrooms, like kitchens are always well used areas that require all tasks to be done
each visit. Modern bathrooms are unforgiving and require an excellent finish to look the
part. Special note – make sure you clean between gaps of showers and vanities.
Order of tasks for bathrooms:
• Dusting – dust window ledge and check cobwebs, dust towel rail and toilet roll holder
• Mirrors – all marks, should be no smears (use dry lint free tea towels)
• Vanity – clean tiles between vanity and mirror, clean vanity top and bowel, use
toothbrushes around taps, plug and where basin is inlaid if required. Remove all marks
including toothpaste, etc. Wipe vanity door fronts and handles + kick plate if one exists.
• Clean shower including frame, glass on both sides (methylated spirits and water is normally
sufficient for outside) all tiles with white scrubber, you can use the stronger bristled brush
on the floor. Clean soap dish properly (remove all soap) and hand dry floor with a tea
towel ensuring no marks or hairs.
• Clean toilet thoroughly, Clean all sides of toilet, all sides of seats, inside bowl, under rim.
Wipe around front and back of outside bowl.
• Lift floor mats off ground and hang over bath, towel rail (if no towels there) over the
shower if appropriate or leave in place requested by customer
• Vacuum and mop floor
The laundry requires less attention than most rooms but still requires correct cleaning.
• Quick dust over machines/dryer and dust window ledge
• Wipe benches and check cupboard faces/handles
• Clean sink
• Wipe tiles
• Vacuum and mop floor
The quality and detail of your vacuuming sets the standard for the finish of your
mopping. It can be very frustrating to vacuum a house and then encounter bits and
pieces on the floors when you go to mop.
• Vacuum all rooms
• Vacuum all rugs and carpet with power head
• Lift under edges of rugs as bare minimum, small rugs lift fully and large rugs the edges
are sufficient unless requested otherwise.
• Vacuum behind all doors
• Vacuum under and around heavy furniture
• Move lounges where you can
• Kids rooms use common sense but make sure you do pull out toys occasionally if lots of
toys in the way.
• Place kids clothes on bed if covering floor; don’t just leave them in place but if a real
mess leave and shut the door – leave a note to explain.

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Regular Cleaning Tasks

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