Move out cleaning

Specialist House Cleaning for Moving out or Moving in?

Whether you are renting or the owner, move out cleaning requires a house cleaning cleaner who knows what is required to get the job done properly.

If you are renting, the real estate agent or property manager will send you a list of things to do.  You can be sure that they won’t let you off any items on the list and doing it yourself without the correct equipment can mean doing it twice.  Using a professional house cleaning cleaner, the job is done properly the first time which saves you time and possibly extra rent.

As long as we have access to electricity and water, we can clean any house or unit.


Move Out Cleaning List

Move Out Cleaning List

Move out cleans often require inspection by a third party such as owner or real estate agent so the

standard should be high for all areas. Please check with customer to ensure power will be on.

Additional items to regular cleaning list


1. Very detailed dusting (there will be no furniture), damp wiping will be required on some

surfaces if they have sat dusty for a long period (such as behind lounges and beds). All sills

on all levels, curtain rails/rods, skirting boards, on top of kitchen and fixed cupboards.

2. Dust all light fittings, will need step ladder. May require damp dusting.

3. Remove all cobwebs in all rooms


1. Detailed clean of cupboard doors

2. Clean inside cupboards, including utensil tray.

3. Clean range hood (filters by request, if filters are requested, soak in kitchen sink with oven

cleaner or grease remover before washing off)

4. Cook top: Clean spill dish & under knobs. Take jets apart

5. Oven (if requested, extra charge) Clean inside & out including taking wire shelves and wire

racks out of the oven and remove all built up grease & remove clean and replace knobs.

Clean griller inside & out including drip tray.


1. Inside cupboards and vanities

2. Scrub shower, use mould kill if required.

3. Scrub floors if required, especially along edges and in grout

Walk in Robes, Built in Furniture

1. Damp wipe all shelves, rails and drawers

2. Wipe marks off fronts of doors and clean mirrored doors


1. Vacuum door tracks in sliding doors

2. Detailed vacuuming behind doors and between floor boards


1. Wipe finger marks from walls (ensure cloth is not brand new as dye can run). Also be very

careful with ‘magic erasers’ as they strip paint from walls so are not recommended unless

requested for black scuff marks. Ask customer about detail required.

2. Clean all light switches

Please click the image below for a PDF version.


Move Out Cleaning List

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