Launch Your Business Today From ONLY $14,990!!

Considering a house cleaning business? If so, Your Cleaner offers a perfect yet affordable solution. Our house cleaning franchise structure allows people just like you, to quickly and easily launch a house cleaning business – in a matter of weeks.

Why House Cleaning?

In today’s fast-paced society, the most precious commodity of all is TIME. More than ever, each house owners understand the importance of delegating responsibilities that consume large amounts of time, to trained professionals. Another interesting fact is 70% of women in Australia now work outside the home, making it extremely difficult to handle responsibilities of the past.
What’s more, cleaning a home is just one of those things nobody wants to do. Although there are exceptions, most people would pay almost anything to rid the hassle of cleaning, dusting, scrubbing toilets, vacuuming and mopping the floor every week. That presents the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners, to capitalize and run a successful house cleaning business.

Important Benefits

  • High Demand Industry
  • Regular Work – Weekly & Fortnightly Customers
  • Easy To Learn And Manage
  • Low Ongoing Costs
  • High Profit Margin

What Makes Your Cleaner Different?

  • Choose to operate your business with however many employees you desire, from 0 – 100. You can work with family members, on your own, or with a trained team of your choosing.  * conditions apply
  • We answer all new customer calls, quote the job and book the apt into your calendar. This eliminates after-hour quotes, disruptions to your lifestyle and highly treasured TIME.
  • The start-up cost of $14,990 includes EVERYTHING you need to own and operate a successful home cleaning business.
  • We handle all CUSTOMER quotes, until you are FULLY BOOKED
  • You can purchase a territory for an additional fee, and operate exclusively within that area if you choose.
  • Our monthly fee is much lower than competitors
  • Our reputation generates high percentages of repeat customers, along with continuous quotes on a daily basis
  • We offer a paperless environment, and all communication is via email. This is both convenient and environmentally friendly, a win win.
  • Our support of franchisees is incredible; with highly trained professionals in the field should you have any questions whatsoever, or need assistance.

Who Are We Looking For?

Buying into a franchise is a major decision. The opportunities created through such a decision are often incredible, especially for the results-oriented individual. However, this opportunity is for those wanting to work in their business, on a daily basis. It isn’t for individuals seeking management responsibilities, and simply employing a team to work under you.
If you wish for this instead, we have Master Franchise opportunities. These positions are reserved for individuals who have previously demonstrated the ability to manage others, along with other skills and qualifications we look for.
Please fill out the form below to get started, and to learn more about the various franchise opportunities within our company.

  • Learn to start a business much more easily.
  • No business experience is necessarily required.
  • You will be trained and supported by the benefits of our big business network
  • Cost less as we do marketing, advertisements, websites, invoicing, etc. for you.
  • Ongoing support

As you compare Your Cleaner with the typical cleaning franchise you’ll start to notice a few things. Our Franchise fee is usually lower and our loyalty fee is fixed. We tend to be more flexible. We keep things easier for you. And we almost always offer more. The general comparisons between the costs of a Your Cleaner franchise and a typical home cleaning franchise has been listed as below:


Comparison Costs

Your Cleaner Typical Cleaning Franchise

Franchise Fee



Royalty Fee

$400/per month


Minimum Marketing Spend


Forced Spend



Web-Based Third-Party


Call Center



Required Purchase


Forced Spend

Allow Commercial Cleaning



Royalty Billed Monthly


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